15 of the Most Iconic Nail Colors of All Time

To us, a manicure isn’t just a minor flourish we hurry ourselves through on a spare lunch hour. Nail color can make us feel put-together and polished (pun intended), even when we don’t feel that way on the inside. It’s the kind of boost only a truly great polish can procure.Over the years, we’ve come to know certain shades as forever classic, borderline iconic. These are the sheer nudes, bright reds, and sultry shades on the dark side that never go out of style.There’s history in these bottles, and they’ve stuck around for good reason. Trendy shades come and go, but the best are forever. For example, a variation of Revlon Red has been around since the 1930s; Chanel’s Rouge Noir debuted in the 90s on a Parisian catwalk (giving the angsty decade a black cherry lacquer to match).Where you sit on the Ballet Slippers versus Bubble Bath debate is no business of ours, but we do have thoughts on any vampy purple you’re using that’s not Lincoln Park After Dark. Blasphemous. One thing we know for certain: Every one of these iconic nail polishes should grace your fingers at least once (By Kaitlyn Yarborough)

Here are the 15 all-time best nail colors that have ever existed: https://www.southernliving.com/fashion-beauty/nails/best-nail-colors#

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