What is the difference between Gel and Acrylic nails?

What to know about gel nails?

Gel nails are commonly known as natural and has become a modern beauty mainstay. These are gaining popularity as these are natural in their approach, virtually indestructible, impossible glossy and especially ZERO risk in chipping your nails polish for several weeks to come. Using the gel nails product will not have any negative impact on the user.

What exactly are gel nails?

Gel nails are made of pre-mixed polymer and a monomer gel. A gel is applied to the nails and is then subjected to UV light. A special gel activator is used in case the nails are not treated to UV light. This activator helps in improving the length of the nails as well add sheen to them. These do not demand maintenance and are popular because of their non-yellowing quality. 

Gel nails vs. Acrylic nails

Women with brittle nails can opt for gel nails. Acrylic nails emit an odor which can be bothersome for few users. This would not be noted in the case of gel nails. A foul odor is discharged by artificial nails when the surface is painted. Nobody wants others to know that they are using fake nails. The foul odor, however, can spoil the show for many women.

Using gel nails eliminates the need for bothering about a foul odor. The use of gel nails ensures that nobody would be able to make out whether your nails are fake or real ones. Gel nails help in keeping embarrassments at bay. The best thing about these nails is that they do not turn yellow easily like the acrylic nails. Gel nails do turn yellow, but these take a longer time than the acrylic nails.

The brightness of gel nails does not fade away easily. These can be relied upon owing to their durability. Acrylic nails break down easily when you knock your fingers against anything. However, gel nails are quite flexible and do not break easily.

Gel nails are available in varied designs and vibrant colors. It is better to go for a manicure before opting for any nail treatment. Clean cuticles and clear nails offer better end results. These are stylish and must for any modern women.

Kinds of gel nails available at a nail salon

There are two kinds of gel nails: soft and hard. Hard gels get their name because once they are cured, it becomes tough. Nail extension is nothing but artificial nails which are created for enhancing the overall appeal of the beauty of nails.

Soft gel refers to gel products that are too soft. These cannot be used for developing any nail extension. This comprises of thicker gels and gel polishes which are meant for other services. Gel paints are becoming increasingly popular and are used in gel manicures. These, when done by trained and experienced professionals of nail studios, ensure that they remain intact for several weeks with no chipping, cracking or peeling.

All gel services involve the use of some gel which comes either in bottles or pots. These are available in a plethora of colors and require some hardening or curing under ultraviolet light. UV curing is a kind of chemical process which occur when photoinitiators present in the gel are subjected to blue or UV light. The entire process ends with the application of a moisturizer or cuticle oil on all the fingers for offering nourishment to the cuticle.

Pros of opting for gel nails at a nearby nail salon

  • Gel nails permits people allergenic to nail resin or acrylic enjoy a gel manicure service
  • Gel nails feel more natural in comparison to acrylic nails extensions that seem much rigid
  • Soft gel nails can be removed quite easily with the aid of acetone
  • Gel nail manicures can last for three weeks without demonstrating cracking, peeling or chipping
  • These impart a sleeker finish
  • These do not release any odor
  • The curing time using a LED is quite fast and can be accomplished in five to ten seconds
  • Gel nails dry immediately, and there is no need to worry about ruining or smudging
  • It does not fade away like a regular nail paint and holds the shine

What makes gel nails the best choice?

Gel nails are the best choice for women who desire hard-wearing and longer fingernails. Acrylic and gel nails offer similar results. Gel fingernails may prove to be a challenge while doing oneself. Gel nails have to be filed off. Gel acrylic is more of a one-part system which consists of an application of gel of thick viscosity. A UV light box is used for curing the gel. These nails are more natural looking and lighter in appearance.


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